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Yeah, so Quinn was at loose ends once she got back from class and her workout. She even would have appreciated another crazy phone message, but no such luck.

She went online for a little while, but nobody was around to chat with, mocking bad cheer routines on YouTube wasn't as soothing as it used to be, and she couldn't deal with her online algebra coursework. Finally, she decided that if she couldn't focus on anything else productive -- and mocking the inept was definitely productive in Quinn's book -- she'd clean.

She left her door open and a Temptations best of CD playing as she sorted through her sweaters. She'd never color-coded them; maybe she should try.

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Quinn spent almost her whole weekend back in Lima asking people what she should do about the Finn situation. Because even though Bruce was, in her opinion, being a little jerky about it, he was right -- she couldn't just keep hanging on to Finn forever when she thought it wasn't going anywhere. If that meant Finn ran off with Rachel Berry, well, that was Finn's bad taste, not to mention proof Quinn was right to get rid of him.

On the other hand, he was Finn. He was an amazing, hot guy and made her feel safe. She wouldn't find better if she ended up back in Lima.

So she dithered.All through this cut tag, as a matter of fact. )

Which was why Quinn came back to Fandom single and desperately needing to hit up Caritas that night. She set about unpacking some winter clothes her mother had sent home with her instead, with a very determined set to her jaw.

As far as she'd ever tell anyone, her Thanksgiving break had been just fine.

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Quinn was not at all surprised that Bruce had pretty good taste in nightclubs. Not that she was an expert -- Lima was the kind of place where a disco ball made for an exotic night -- but from what she could tell, this looked like something out of TV and she figured that was good.

She tossed her hair over her shoulder, reminding herself not to seem too wide-eyed. "Acceptable," she decided, leaning against the bar so she could scope out the space better. "I don't even mind that the music's a little loud."

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Quinn was having an ... interesting ... night.

She'd finally sucked it up and asked Santana for that sexting lesson. Obviously she couldn't explain why she was suddenly so interested, and it took her a few tries to convince Santana it was for a class.

It took a few more tries, and a couple of not-so-veiled threats, to convince Finn it was really her and not Puck messing with him.

But now they seemed to be on a roll. They'd done the "What are you wearing?" thing, she'd claimed to be in her Cheerios uniform (she wasn't), he'd said his shirt was off, there'd been discussion of the chances of him broaching the under-the-shirt-territory while she was home for Thanksgiving...

And somehow this came back to some stupid assignment to use a wheelchair around school for Glee Club, and how Finn had to stop texting if he was going to get to the supermarket to buy stuff for a bake sale.

Quinn sighed and sent another text.

Whch matters more? Me or cupcakes 4 glee? Only 1 right answr.

Somehow, this wasn't making her less frustrated.

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Anyone in the halls before classes today might hear strange sounds coming from behind the door of locker 327.

"No, pull, don't --"

"I'm trying. The feathers tickle."

"Great. Do you know how to play the didgeridoo?"

"Hang on, almost..."

And then Christian and Quinn tumbled out onto the floor. She had feathers in her hair; he had paint streaked across his face and had lost his shirt somewhere. They blinked, then looked at each other slowly as smiles spread across their faces.

"Let's not tell anybody what happened back there," Christian urged.

"Done," Quinn agreed firmly.

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Quinn rested her back against a wall of lockers and closed her eyes, just for a moment. She told herself she shouldn't be this tired; all she had was two classes.

Well, two classes and glee club.

Two classes, glee club, and student council.

Two classes, glee club, student council, her exercise routine, her online coursework, keeping up with Santana, trying to figure out Finn, and all she'd had to eat today was half a packet of peanut butter crackers.

So maybe she had a reason to be a little tired.

Unfortunately, the locker she picked to lean against was next to 327. And, more unfortunately, it was hungry. It creaked open, and Quinn was inside before she had much to say about it -- but not before Christian, on a minor errand of his own, spotted the disappearing flash of pink skirt and blond hair. It wasn't time for him to think; it was time for him to act.

"I'm coming," he cried out chivalrously, and jumped into the locker just before the door slammed shut.

Inside, Quinn and Christian found a long hallway lined with doors that seemed to go on forever. Christian turned to Quinn optimistically. "I don't suppose you know which one is out, do you?"

Quinn rolled her eyes at Cute British Guy. "Sure," she drawled. "I always pack a map when I'm getting tugged into random lockers."

It took a long, long, long moment for Christian to realize Quinn was being sarcastic; by the time he did, she was kicking at her third door.

This ... probably wasn't the beginning of anything like a beautiful friendship.

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Today was the club fair. Terrific. Finally. Quinn was going to get to the gym, sign up with whatever passed for the cheerleading squad, and show those losers how a real cheerleader did things.

And then, just before she was about to walk into the fair, her phone rang. Quinn answered it impatiently. "What?"

Miss Sylvester's voice came across the connection. "You weren't going to sign up with a rival squad, were you?"

Quinn froze in place, and she sputtered a bit. She hadn't really thought of Fandom High as rivals, more as a way to stay in practice. "What -- how did you know that?"

"I have my ways, Q. Pay the squirrels at that school of yours a little extra and they'll tell anybody anything. They also told me it's past time for somebody to do her laundry," Sue said with relish. "Anyhow, just don't cheer for Fandom. I don't want you to win competitions for them, and I sure don't want to have to undo somebody else's sloppy habits when you come back. They're probably all about bouncing and having fun. Makes my teeth itch. Just practice on your own."

Quinn swallowed hard. She saw the coach's point, but ... she missed cheering. "All right," she said softly. "Got it. No cheering in Fandom. Was there anything else?"

"Don't sound like you're about to cry," Sue advised. "Sure it makes you look pretty, but it's a waste of bodily fluids. Buh-bye."

And then the line went dead.

Quinn grimaced as she put her phone away then glanced into the auditorium, trying to decide if she wanted to sign up for anything else.

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Quinn's morning was already starting off a little on the weird side. First, there was her wine cooler headache. Then there was Santana's overnight text -- Heard Finn tried 4 choir. He gay now? -- that no one was answering her panicked return texts about. Quinn was about ready to believe all of her friends were just trying to further mess with her head, God.

So the hand that drifted in through her open door carrying juice, and then occupied itself combing and arranging Quinn's hair while she drank the juice? That was actually almost a good thing. Even if it came from a floating hand, she'd take her pampering where she could find it.

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I have no newbies. I still get to hop on the bandwagon. Info on Henry, Christian, Quinn and Tara back here. )

As for my alumni and expat -- Romeo Montague ([ profile] withoutverona), Jack Priest ([ profile] bitten_notshy), and Tyler Durden ([ profile] tyler_back) -- nothing much has changed for them since May, other than that Jack's in London full-time now. Woo.

As for me: I'm Elisabeth and I live outside D.C. in the land o' EST. I'm usually around 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and again from 8-11 p.m. unless it's a weekend in which case it's totally random. I'm pokable at septembergrrl at gmail dot com or on AIM at fakenamecentral. La.
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No matter how it might look to a casual observer who peeked in through the open door, Quinn Fabray definitely was not running scared from Fandom.

She had made tentative plans to go back to Lima to oversee the fall cheerleading tryouts anyhow. If she was leaving the second her last class of the week was over and not coming back until the new squad was announced, well, that was her choice, wasn't it? And besides, it was important she properly size up the new competition if she was going to rejoin the Cheerios someday.

The fact she kept having nightmares about giant crabs chasing her and really needed to hug her mom had nothing at all to do with it.

She sighed and dropped a pair of sneakers into her duffel. She'd have to replace the ones she wore in Rivet City. She was pretty sure you could get radiation poisoning just by touching them.

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The cabin was primitive, but Quinn had suffered through enough girl scout camp that she just rolled her eyes and went with it. It wasn't like she was doing anything she needed to hide.

Besides, there were better things to be outraged about, like the fact some jerk judge in Connecticut had decided cheerleading wasn't a sport.

"I'd like to see Judge Underhill master our nationals routine," she muttered. "Probably can't do a back flip to save his life ..." She was in danger of breaking her keypad with the force of her indignation as she texted back and forth with Santana about it.

Somehow, Santana didn't seem to take it quite as seriously as Quinn did.

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Quick and dirty info post this time around.

Quinn Fabray is:
+ Awesome.
+ A national champion cheer captain.
+ Pre-canon. She's from a different universe, but approximately the same point on the timeline, as [ profile] sexonyoursheets. She's not pregnant yet and won't get knocked up in Fandom.
+ Kind of a bitch, in a classic high school mean girl way. She's fundamentally a decent person and can be deeply kind, but it takes some prodding for it to come out.
+ Pretty damn ambitious, and not especially moral about it -- she looks out for her own interests first. If she's on your side, she'll do about anything for you; if she isn't, look out.
+ Religious, in an always-wears-a-cross, celibacy-club-president, kinda way. She doesn't preach at people all the time or anything, but she will play the Jesus card if she sees a good reason to. (You can see her necklace clearly in this picture. It's usually worn over her clothing and should be quite noticeable.) Her specific flavor of Christianity has never been named in canon, but going by a semi-official Twitter she isn't Catholic.
+ I said awesome, right?

Quinn is coming to Fandom at Sue Sylvester's suggestion, as a way of getting out of Ohio and away from Lima losers as young as possible. She has been dating Finn Hudson for a few months but it isn't some huge love thing, at least not on Quinn's side.

She can be more than a little obnoxious at people she doesn't like. That's her, not me. If you aren't having fun, let me know and I'll redirect the thread.

Everybody else (On-island roll call: Tara Maclay, Didi, Christian, Henry DeTamble) is pretty much the same as they were two months ago. SHOCKING, I know.

Questions, comments, mango sorbet?


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