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Awkward insane weekend fallout aside, it had been a pretty good couple of weeks to be Quinn Fabray. Puck was back, sorority seemed to be off to a good start, and she was Student Council co-president which rocked, even if it wasn't quite as good as being president by herself would have been. She had a couple more personal reasons to be in a good mood, too.

So when she woke up in the wrong body on Saturday morning, all she could do was roll her eyes and mutter something about it being about time for Fandom to screw with her again. This was not an aspect of island life she'd miss when she graduated.

She quietly went over to check herself out in the mirror. Same cute guy as last time, though she wasn't sure how she felt about the scruffy beard. If the facial hair stuck after she changed back and she had to get electrolysis, she was going to be very pissed.

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Quinn dropped off the very last cupcake packet on Claudia's desk (a vote was a vote, even if it was a little funny to campaign at your roomie) sat on her bed, and promptly pulled off her shoes and yanked the covers over her legs in search of a few more hours of sleep.

She hadn't realized how many seniors there were until she started trying to track down every single dorm room. Well, if being a little OCD won her the election, it was totally worth it.

She was happy she'd done it, but for now, she just wanted some rest.

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It was break week, which Quinn supposed meant she could go back to Ohio and hang out with Santana or somebody for a couple days. The weird thing was how little she felt like it, even if the island was conspiring to give her a life filled with fantastic adventures, pickle-and-ice-cream rain, and mouthbreathing gigglers who threw jello. Here was brainbreakingly weird, but it was also home.

She put an old Janet Jackson CD on her stereo and laid on her stomach on her bed, notebook propped in front of her. She needed to figure out what she was doing with the sorority this year, and it wasn't too soon to start at all.

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Quinn had not been talking to her parents a whole lot lately.

It wasn't intentional; it was just that usually when she thought of it, she was either busy, or trying to study, or turned the wrong age before she got around to it. Or else things were too weird to possibly explain, and Quinn wasn't sure she was up to lying.

Besides, her folks weren't exactly burning through their phone minutes calling her.

But when they didn't call on her birthday, that was ... more than a little off. She finally found out why when her mom got in touch. Apparently her dad had been too busy sleeping with some tattooed freak to remember he had a younger daughter, and her mom had been too busy kicking him out.

Quinn was packing a bag for home before she even hung up the call. The island was cold and smelled like Viking; it was a good time for a long trip to Lima.

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Quinn wasn't sure what had possessed her to buy the little toy keyboard during a supply run in town. She hadn't practiced piano since ... how long had it been? Since she gave up piano lessons for cheerleading, at least.

Maybe she was going back to her roots, or regressing to a second childhood, or something like that. Anyhow, picking out the melody to a Supremes song on the keyboard helped distract her from the lovely shade of lime she'd been almost constantly since her morning latte.

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The problem with Puck having offered to carry her home from the dance was that once the idea was in Quinn's head, she kind of had to take him up on it.

The awesome part was, he did it, and without much wobbling. Quinn was giddily impressed.

"Can you find the light?," she was saying as they got through the door. "Oh my god, if Claudia is home by now she'll laugh her ass off at us."

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Yeah, so Quinn was at loose ends once she got back from class and her workout. She even would have appreciated another crazy phone message, but no such luck.

She went online for a little while, but nobody was around to chat with, mocking bad cheer routines on YouTube wasn't as soothing as it used to be, and she couldn't deal with her online algebra coursework. Finally, she decided that if she couldn't focus on anything else productive -- and mocking the inept was definitely productive in Quinn's book -- she'd clean.

She left her door open and a Temptations best of CD playing as she sorted through her sweaters. She'd never color-coded them; maybe she should try.

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Quinn's morning was already starting off a little on the weird side. First, there was her wine cooler headache. Then there was Santana's overnight text -- Heard Finn tried 4 choir. He gay now? -- that no one was answering her panicked return texts about. Quinn was about ready to believe all of her friends were just trying to further mess with her head, God.

So the hand that drifted in through her open door carrying juice, and then occupied itself combing and arranging Quinn's hair while she drank the juice? That was actually almost a good thing. Even if it came from a floating hand, she'd take her pampering where she could find it.

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