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Today was the club fair. Terrific. Finally. Quinn was going to get to the gym, sign up with whatever passed for the cheerleading squad, and show those losers how a real cheerleader did things.

And then, just before she was about to walk into the fair, her phone rang. Quinn answered it impatiently. "What?"

Miss Sylvester's voice came across the connection. "You weren't going to sign up with a rival squad, were you?"

Quinn froze in place, and she sputtered a bit. She hadn't really thought of Fandom High as rivals, more as a way to stay in practice. "What -- how did you know that?"

"I have my ways, Q. Pay the squirrels at that school of yours a little extra and they'll tell anybody anything. They also told me it's past time for somebody to do her laundry," Sue said with relish. "Anyhow, just don't cheer for Fandom. I don't want you to win competitions for them, and I sure don't want to have to undo somebody else's sloppy habits when you come back. They're probably all about bouncing and having fun. Makes my teeth itch. Just practice on your own."

Quinn swallowed hard. She saw the coach's point, but ... she missed cheering. "All right," she said softly. "Got it. No cheering in Fandom. Was there anything else?"

"Don't sound like you're about to cry," Sue advised. "Sure it makes you look pretty, but it's a waste of bodily fluids. Buh-bye."

And then the line went dead.

Quinn grimaced as she put her phone away then glanced into the auditorium, trying to decide if she wanted to sign up for anything else.

[OOC: Open if anyone is loitering and/or eavesdropping, sure.]


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