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Awkward insane weekend fallout aside, it had been a pretty good couple of weeks to be Quinn Fabray. Puck was back, sorority seemed to be off to a good start, and she was Student Council co-president which rocked, even if it wasn't quite as good as being president by herself would have been. She had a couple more personal reasons to be in a good mood, too.

So when she woke up in the wrong body on Saturday morning, all she could do was roll her eyes and mutter something about it being about time for Fandom to screw with her again. This was not an aspect of island life she'd miss when she graduated.

She quietly went over to check herself out in the mirror. Same cute guy as last time, though she wasn't sure how she felt about the scruffy beard. If the facial hair stuck after she changed back and she had to get electrolysis, she was going to be very pissed.

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It was break week, which Quinn supposed meant she could go back to Ohio and hang out with Santana or somebody for a couple days. The weird thing was how little she felt like it, even if the island was conspiring to give her a life filled with fantastic adventures, pickle-and-ice-cream rain, and mouthbreathing gigglers who threw jello. Here was brainbreakingly weird, but it was also home.

She put an old Janet Jackson CD on her stereo and laid on her stomach on her bed, notebook propped in front of her. She needed to figure out what she was doing with the sorority this year, and it wasn't too soon to start at all.

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