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Quinn decided Saturday afternoon that she couldn't go home for Thanksgiving. For one, there was the co-president thing; even if Annie would be around, it felt a little like the captain abandoning her ship with the iceberg straight ahead.

For another, Portalocity was being unusually impossible to deal with. The best their haggard-sounding customer service rep could offer Quinn was $350 each one way for a trip that included spending all of Tuesday on a layover in 1349 Denmark. Quinn was fairly certain this meant they'd run into either the black plague or meta Hamlet, and she didn't need Puck to get in trouble for dropping the Prince of Danes down an outhouse.

Anyhow, so she sent Finn a civil little look-we're-exes-but-we-can-still-be-friends email to let him know, since they'd vaguely talked about hanging out, and included a general inquiry about Rachel both to be polite and in the faint hope the answer would be she'd developed bubonic plague.

Finn wrote back, Sorry u can't come. Xmas? And whos Rachel?. Which would have been even more satisfying than the festering boils, except a couple more emails back and forth established he meant it literally. As far as he was concerned, Rachel Berry had never existed.

Weird, but weirder yet was her next call. Her mom sighed when Quinn made excuses for not coming home, saying she couldn't get the time off work.

"It'll be hard for a woman my age to have Thanksgiving alone, Quinnie," she said. "Maybe someone from my book club will feel sorry for me."

"Alone?" Quinn frowned hard at the phone. "Mom, what are you talking about? I figured you'd just spend it with Frannie and her husband."


"You know, your other daughter?" The one Quinn had spent the first 14 years of her life rarely measuring up to?

Judy Fabray was silent for a long moment. "You're a little bit old for imaginary siblings, aren't you, darling?"

The conversation didn't really recover from that one. And now Quinn would be searching her room, trying to find any proof that she wasn't hallucinating having had a sister. A photo, a card, anything.

[OOC: Post/door open! Also, I pulled the name Frannie from a fan wiki, and reserve the right to change that if the character shows up and the show uses another name.]
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