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Quinn decided Saturday afternoon that she couldn't go home for Thanksgiving. For one, there was the co-president thing; even if Annie would be around, it felt a little like the captain abandoning her ship with the iceberg straight ahead.

For another, Portalocity was being unusually impossible to deal with. The best their haggard-sounding customer service rep could offer Quinn was $350 each one way for a trip that included spending all of Tuesday on a layover in 1349 Denmark. Quinn was fairly certain this meant they'd run into either the black plague or meta Hamlet, and she didn't need Puck to get in trouble for dropping the Prince of Danes down an outhouse.

In which Quinn has a few disconcerting conversations. )

The conversation didn't really recover from that one. And now Quinn would be searching her room, trying to find any proof that she wasn't hallucinating having had a sister. A photo, a card, anything.

[OOC: Post/door open! Also, I pulled the name Frannie from a fan wiki, and reserve the right to change that if the character shows up and the show uses another name.]
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Quinn had just gotten back to her room and flopped on the bed -- watching someone else do your laundry was exhausting, thanks -- when the date occured to her.

It was the day before Halloween.

Which meant her door had to be decorated for the contest tomorrow.

Which meant it was time to get creative with the stuff in her room now.

The usable stuff in her room was a handful of fluffy pink bunnies who hadn't quite made it to Goodwill, a couple ratty t-shirts and skirts she hadn't gotten around to throwing out yet, and some random paper and markers. Once she'd talked to Claudia, she had some metal and wire bits to add to the scavenged heap.

Quinn rolled up her sleeves, made a pile out of all of it, and set to work putting together the best bunnies-of-doom scenario she could manage on short notice. It was her duty to the school.

[OOC: Open post, cracked door, Claudia modded with permission.]
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Quinn had been on a series of increasingly frustrating minor errands all day, and -- after a quick stop to check in with Rilla -- she dropped by her room for just long enough to send an email to the sorority girls.

To: sorority-list;
Subject: Today's Meeting

Today's meeting is cancelled due to a personal scheduling conflict. See you next Monday at the Sorority-Fraternity-Pride Halloween mixer!

Your Sister,


P.S. If you see somebody who doesn't understand email yet, please pass this message along. Thanks.

And then she was back out the door to resume her quest for the perfect costume and something that would get the last of the glitter from the weekend out of her hair.

[OOC: Establishy due to day of suck.]
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Quinn was exhausted from the carnival when she got back to the room. She hadn't signed up for a booth this year, but there was still more than enough to do to keep things running to keep her busy.

She squinted at the new decor when she came in.

"Bunnies, bunnies everywhere," she muttered, and flopped onto a pile of them. She had no idea why they were there, but they were pink. They were cute. They didn't seem to want to bite her head off, literally or metaphorically. She'd seen worse invasions.

[OOC: closed door, open post!]
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Quinn was not, generally speaking, an early to bed type. But she hadn't had anything in particular to do all weekend, and sometimes her bed was just a really nice place to be.

This may have been a mistake. While she was innocently asleep, a small, rarely sighted marsupial crept into her room, and -- spotting the cotton candy-like fluff sprawled across Quinn's pillow -- snuffled deeply at her hair.

By the time the wallaby hopped away, the pink was gone from Quinn's hair as dark blonde locks flowed past her shoulders again. But Quinn dozed on, oblivious to the animal's work for at least a few hours more.

Fandom's hair-growing wallaby had struck again.

[OOC: Establishy. Hair-growing wallaby cheerfully stolen from [ profile] auroryborealis, nyeh.]


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