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Quinn was pretty sure she was supposed to have some kind of broken home trauma or something. But the truth was, from what she could tell, divorce kind of rocked. Her mom had gotten a job, which gave Quinn way more freedom. She didn't have anything interesting to use it on -- most of her friends either spent all their time at cheering practices or were still being totally annoying dorks about glee club -- but it was the principle of the thing. Besides, Quinn kind of liked the quiet after a year in Fandom. Lima was the dullest place on earth, but it was good to know piranhas weren't going to suddenly appear in her bathtub.

Well, she liked the peace for the first three weeks. Then she was ready to climb the walls out of boredom. The birthday weekend with Puck had come along at exactly the right time.

The other great thing about her mom being preoccupied was that it was fairly easy for Quinn to get permission to drive to Fandom. A portal would have been faster, but she liked her little red car. It was nice to have it waiting for her in the island's parking lot.

She patted the dashboard, locked the car doors, and started toward the causeway. It was her senior year. She'd decided it would be amazing.

[OOC: Open if you happen to be in the parking lot too. "Divorce kind of rocks" is a canon quote.]
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Quinn had not been talking to her parents a whole lot lately.

It wasn't intentional; it was just that usually when she thought of it, she was either busy, or trying to study, or turned the wrong age before she got around to it. Or else things were too weird to possibly explain, and Quinn wasn't sure she was up to lying.

Besides, her folks weren't exactly burning through their phone minutes calling her.

But when they didn't call on her birthday, that was ... more than a little off. She finally found out why when her mom got in touch. Apparently her dad had been too busy sleeping with some tattooed freak to remember he had a younger daughter, and her mom had been too busy kicking him out.

Quinn was packing a bag for home before she even hung up the call. The island was cold and smelled like Viking; it was a good time for a long trip to Lima.

[OOC: Quinn is heading off the island for at least half the summer. If you want her to have given you notice before she left, handwave away, or this post is open for extreeeeeme slooooowplaaaaaaay. Thanks to everybody who tagged to her b'day party -- and especially to Erin for putting it together -- sorry I had to miss it!]


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