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I have no newbies. I still get to hop on the bandwagon. Info on Henry, Christian, Quinn and Tara back here. )

As for my alumni and expat -- Romeo Montague ([ profile] withoutverona), Jack Priest ([ profile] bitten_notshy), and Tyler Durden ([ profile] tyler_back) -- nothing much has changed for them since May, other than that Jack's in London full-time now. Woo.

As for me: I'm Elisabeth and I live outside D.C. in the land o' EST. I'm usually around 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and again from 8-11 p.m. unless it's a weekend in which case it's totally random. I'm pokable at septembergrrl at gmail dot com or on AIM at fakenamecentral. La.
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Quick and dirty info post this time around.

Quinn Fabray is:
+ Awesome.
+ A national champion cheer captain.
+ Pre-canon. She's from a different universe, but approximately the same point on the timeline, as [ profile] sexonyoursheets. She's not pregnant yet and won't get knocked up in Fandom.
+ Kind of a bitch, in a classic high school mean girl way. She's fundamentally a decent person and can be deeply kind, but it takes some prodding for it to come out.
+ Pretty damn ambitious, and not especially moral about it -- she looks out for her own interests first. If she's on your side, she'll do about anything for you; if she isn't, look out.
+ Religious, in an always-wears-a-cross, celibacy-club-president, kinda way. She doesn't preach at people all the time or anything, but she will play the Jesus card if she sees a good reason to. (You can see her necklace clearly in this picture. It's usually worn over her clothing and should be quite noticeable.) Her specific flavor of Christianity has never been named in canon, but going by a semi-official Twitter she isn't Catholic.
+ I said awesome, right?

Quinn is coming to Fandom at Sue Sylvester's suggestion, as a way of getting out of Ohio and away from Lima losers as young as possible. She has been dating Finn Hudson for a few months but it isn't some huge love thing, at least not on Quinn's side.

She can be more than a little obnoxious at people she doesn't like. That's her, not me. If you aren't having fun, let me know and I'll redirect the thread.

Everybody else (On-island roll call: Tara Maclay, Didi, Christian, Henry DeTamble) is pretty much the same as they were two months ago. SHOCKING, I know.

Questions, comments, mango sorbet?


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